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Luvinia is a free fantasy MMORPG with lots of features to entertain any player
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Luvinia is a F2P (free-to-play) MMORPG in which players fight together against the treacherous invaders in order to restore the peace in the lands of Luvinia.
The story talks about a Great War that once took place between races, from which the Humans stood victorious against the barbaric hordes of Orcs. Although the Great War is over now, and the lands of Luvinia are coming back to life, the humans know that this will not last for eternity. In order to keep the lands of Luvinia in peace and safety, the Humans built the Geneway College, a school where young recruits train themselves to become true worthy Guardians of Luvinia.

In the world of Luvinia, players get to choose which nationality to fight for, Empire or Federal. Each nationality features three fractions that fight together for common goals.

Like most of the MMORPGs, the game features multiple of classes and occupations. As a beginner, you get to choose your first class profession at level 10. You can choose to be a Warrior, a Rogue or a Magician. The game sticks to the basics of MMORPGs, the three classes being based on strength, agility and intelligence. Players that choose the Warrior path will get to be in the front line of troops, benefiting from the highest defense among all the classes. Rogues have extraordinary dodging abilities along with deadly strike capabilities. Magicians, the intelligence based class, are party assistants. They can boast high amounts of damage or increase their partner's fighting abilities.

Depending on what class you choose, you get different roles and abilities which you can further increase on second and third class profession at levels 40 and 80.

The game integrates a well-built questing system, where you have to accomplish numerous different tasks. For each quest you complete, you are rewarded with certain amounts of money and items. I must say that I haven't been playing the game enough to tell you how the leveling system works, whether it is slow or fast, that's for you to decide. The graphics and the mechanics of the game didn't impress me that much, but the storyline, the questing system and the overall action, really make up for it.

Luvinia Online can stand for a great dose of entertainment for any player regardless their age.
Start your journey in the lands of Luvinia, fight your way to the top and prove yourself as a worthy Guardian of peace.

Dennis Niels
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  • Great storyline
  • Well-built quest system
  • Medium system requirements


  • Average graphic engine
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